How to set up a Mysacstate account? 

MySacState Login

How to set up a Mysacstate account? 

If you are a student, a staff, or a sponsored guest, you may create an account to access the resources on the Mysacstate. 

  1. The steps include entering username and password for verification.
  2. Followed by the unique ID, email address, residential address, a contact number will be asked to fill up. 
  3. Choose your specific need and category to create an account finally. 
  4. Now you have successfully created an account. 
  5. Log out from the website when you are done. 

In short, the portal will guide you through the whole process of creating an account from their official website. 

Unusually there are three categories of login, one Student’s corner, second Employee’s corner, third for sponsored guests. The student’s corner includes a  student’s forum like a planner, information about financial aids, admission fee, annual fee, and several other needs. Employee’s corner includes payroll, benefits scheme, administration changes, and many more. Whereas, corners for sponsored guests include class schedule, student’s achievements, the honor of eminent educational institutions, and many more. 


How to login to Mysacstate? 

Follow the steps to login:

  1.  Visit the official website. 
  2. Write the username and password as asked. 
  3. The unique ID may be required. 
  4. Now you are successfully logged in. 


Manage your password and username 

Forgetting passwords and username is very common these days. Therefore, this portal already updated a button Remember Me, which saves password and username, and thus there may be no problem anymore if you forget either of them. 

Forgot Password? 

Follow the steps below to reset your password. 

  1. Click Forgot Password. 
  2. To verify your number, an OTP would be sent. 
  3. Copy and paste the OTP. 
  4. Now set the new Password. 


Forgot Username? 

Follow the following steps to change the username? 

  1. Click Forgot Username. 
  2. To verify your number, an OTP would be sent. 
  3. Copy and paste the OTP. 
  4. Now you can reset your username. 


If you have any other issues, contact (916) 278-7337.

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