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Sac State 

Sacramento State, which is usually known as  Sac State, is a highly acclaimed University in California. A huge diversity of fields is present at this University. Thereby a huge number of students apply from all over the world. The educational sentiment of the teachers is not only learning the book, but they aim at ‘ Redefine the Possible.’ The Students of this University, since it was founded, have been securing outstanding scores, even sometimes breaking their own records. 


Don’t you want to get an admission into the University? Yes, of course. After all, it is your dream college. Before entering the campus, you should note the minute details, including the facilities and benefits of housing at this University. If you are interested, please keep reading. 


Mysacstate housing 

If you are a  foreigner, you must take up Housing Services. Here you may experience a different environment as it has its own style. However, they offer various and diverse living and learning experiences. This University focuses on these sectors separately and intimately so that students can study with full concentration. The Environment is taken into consideration and designed accordingly. The office strives to create a welcoming and stimulating environment that prompts students to participate in co-curricular activities that promote life and leadership skills, social responsibility, and academic success. Students often found satisfaction with the housing survives. 


If you have any other issues, you may contact directly to the office with Zoom video calling on weekdays (Monday – Friday) during scheduled times. Or you can also email your problem to the office email id.  They may send you back a reply according to their convenience. 


Contact details :


You can make a Phone call at (916) 278-6655 

Or send an email at


As I have already mentioned before, housing services are a seperate sector from educational departments; thus, if you are sending any postal address to the office of housing, mention. 

University Housing Services

Riverview Hall 


These office members are available on weekdays (Mon to  Fri) from 8: 00 to 17:00 in the evening. 


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